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This bot account is no longer active.

Pathoschild (operator) Pathoschild (bot)
 Pathosbot is a pywikipedia/AutoWikiBrowser bot operated by Pathoschild; please leave any comments on Pathoschild's talk page. In case of an emergency, you can stop the bot by editing its talk page.

Current tasks

Template cleanup

task template cleanup
description Pathosbot uses heuristic regex patterns to perform several distinct maintenance operations:
  • Replace artifact template code with the visible output.
    supports: ParserFunctions, magic words, parameters, old modifiers, and HTML comments.
    example: replaces "{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|User|{{{username|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}}}" with "Pathosbot".
  • Update old template calls (20).
    example: replaces "{{pagemovevandal}}" with "{{indefblockeduser}}".
  • Reverse substitution of user block templates (8).
    note: this feature depends on a signature pattern unique to the given template, and theoretically matches all revisions.
  • Detect and fix template redundancy.
    example: replaces "{{indefblockeduser}}{{sockpuppetProven|fuu}} {{imposter|fuu}}{{attackuser-m|fuu}}" with "{{sockpuppetProven|fuu}}".
  • Correct IP address categorization.
    example: replaces "{{indefblockeduser}}" with "{{indefblockedip}}".
  • Correct non-standard XHTML.
    example: replaces "<font color="#FF00AA;">blah</font><br>" with "<span style="color:#F0A;">blah</span><br />".

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