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Hello, could you please nominate this template for deletion? The reason is, that website doesn't work. I don't know how to nominate a template for deletion and sorry, I don't have enough time to nominate this template on every wiki. Thanks!--Patrik L.留言) 2021年7月27日 (二) 12:09 (UTC)

Done, see Wikipedia:页面存废讨论/记录/2021/07/、 Thank you for your report. --安忆Talk 2021年7月27日 (二) 12:25 (UTC)

Cross Wikipedia promotion and sock puppets for Prix Versailles

An investigation has found that articles on Prix Versailles 凡尔赛奖 and related subjects were the subject of a coordinated campaign of promotion, over several years and sixteen languages, involving numerous sock puppets and probably paid editing. Ten active and six older accounts were identified. Related subjects include Guy Savoy 居伊·萨沃伊. If you have any questions or comments reply here or post them at the Cross-Wikipedia section of the en Wikipedia discussion. (Machine translation.)